Capitalism and the Heterogeneous

The following is an adaptation of a verbal presentation given for Justin Murphy and Nina Power’s course ‘The Politics and Philosophy of Georges Bataille’ — The greatest harm that strikes men is perhaps the reduction of their existence to the state of a servile organ… There is no cure for the insufficiency that diminishes anyone... Continue Reading →

Mass Media and the Vertigo of Interpretation

A truncated version of this piece appears on The US media is, unsurprisingly, suffering historically low levels of public trust. Corporate restructuring and conglomeration, ethics scandals, and emergent technologies have all led to decades of tumultuous change in an industry so crucial to democracy, yet just that— an industry. But with the many stumbles... Continue Reading →

Joe Biden, Hypersexual Boogeyman

I admit it. The Biden controversy has kept me captivated for the past few days. It’s a mess, but it stuck out to me particularly because it seems to epitomize (in such borderline satirical perfection that it could pass as a right-wing parody piece) the ideological conflict within the Democratic Party. Given the, according to... Continue Reading →

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